Why you Need to get Involved with the Haberdashery Hype



Haberdashery noun – small items used in sewing, such as buttons, zips, and thread. (Plus it’s a really fun word to say!)

Haberdashery is leisurely, creative, productive and generally a useful past time if not a fantastic career choice! I find all my projects bring me such joy and calm, it’s therapeutic and you have something extremely unique and special to show for it at the end. There are endless projects that you can get involved with using patchwork squares, colourful threads, old buttons, velcro, fastenings, ribbon, embellishments such as beading and embroidery etc. You can’t often complete a haberdashery project without at least one of these on the go!

Haberdashery is easy to get into too, you can start small and once you’ve mastered your skills you can get more intricate in your designs and projects! Most people tend to start somewhere around the bedding area: duvet sets, blankets, pillows, baby blankets etc. or perhaps tiny toys or homely decorations that don’t take up too much time and fabric. Haberdashery is also a great excuse to never throw anything of use away and continuously up-cycle – saving you money and of course, helping the environment by reducing waste. Have a look around your home now, how many items can you see that you no longer need that could be put to better use? Collect broken or old jewellery, tea towels, scrap fabric from clothes etc.


If you’re looking to broaden your creative horizons or perhaps try something new, haberdashery is a simple and effective way to break into the crafting industry. It’s eco-friendly as you’re reusing scrap fabric and it’s a useful life skill that will see you sail through adulthood (you’ll never have to buy a children’s costume if you can make one! Think of all the home furnishings you’ll make savings on too!). Not to mention, if you get good you can sell your textiles on e-commerce sites like Etsy and have others adorn their homes with your masterpieces!

Like any crafting hobby, it is also a healthy way of exploring mindfulness – a conscious and aware mental state of the present moment. Mindfulness is by no means a new notion, but in 2015 we saw a movement sweep across the nation urging people to pay attention to their bodies, their emotions and their mental wellbeing as well as their physical. Projects that help creatively stimulate ones mind and immerse them into what their producing are said to be a therapeutic practise that enables  a person to be at one with themselves and be at peace in the present moments. Who could argue with psychology?


Here is a list of haberdashery projects you can try at home:

  • Scrap booking
  • Baby blankets
  • Stuffed toys
  • Bedding and cushions
  • Curtains
  • Drawstring, clutch and tote bags
  • Textile art
  • Seat covers
  • Table cloths and mats
  • Embroidery
  • Customisation (try denim projects – these work great!)
  • Photo album
  • Kindle or tablet covers and carry cases
  • Pin cushions and more!


Enjoy learning new skills and don’t be afraid to share your projects with the world (and us)!