The 10 Best Car Journey Games

It is rare that car journeys don’t at some point, become tedious, boring and even at times, slightly painful. Once you’ve exhausted the radio channels, watched your kids tire of messing around on the iPad and the road becomes monotonous, what can you do to bring the life back into your car?

Car games have been around probably as long as cars have been able to handle long journeys. Although not all car games are exhilarating and edge of your seat exciting, over the years there have been some pretty good games which have been thought up which require no technology, no paper and no money. We have teamed up with used car dealership, Quick Sell Your Car to sift through car games in order to come to the 10 best car journey games.

car journey games

1. 20 Questions
Although this isn’t strictly confined to a car environment, 20 Questions is great for passing the time – especially if you have a full car. Each person is designated another person in the car they must assign a character to whether it be a cartoon, actor, book character or someone you both know. The person assigned this character mustn’t know who they are and have 20 questions to find out with the answers either being ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The first person to guess correctly, wins!

2. I Spy
Classic I Spy. I Spy has been around for decades and that’s no coincidence. Super easy to play and enjoy for people of all demographics, ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with’ can last as little or as long as you want and can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be.

3. Car Types
Particularly good for car enthusiasts or people even a little interested in cars, Car Types is a great game to play in a number of ways. You can either make a tally of how many of each car you see over a time period (usually about half an hour) or, you can make a bet with others in the car about how many of a certain car you will see over the course of a period of time and whoever gets closest to the right answer, wins.

4. Yesterday I went on a Picnic…
One person begins with ‘Yesterday I went on a picnic and I brought with me -something beginning with the letter A-‘. The next person will then start ‘Yesterday I went on a picnic and brought with me –‘the something beginning with the letter A that the previous person said and something beginning with the letter B-‘ This then becomes a memory test and you have to go around the whole car again and again until someone messes up so badly or you manage to get to the letter Z.

5. The Alphabet Game
One person chooses the right hand side of the road and someone else picks the left. Each player has to look for the letters of the alphabet which appear on road signs or registration plates of the signs and plates on their side only. The aim is to find all the letters of the alphabet in order from A-Z and he one who manages to get the entire alphabet first, wins!

6. The Animal Name Game
One player names an animal and then each person (in an order) has to name another animal which starts with the last letter of the previous named animal. Keep going until you run out of names. This can also be played with other categories such as countries, actors, food etc.

7. Tunnels
Not a difficult one and great to play throughout the whole journey (except possibly the driver). Whenever you go through a tunnel, each player has to hold their breath until they reach the other side. If the tunnel is too long, you can have winners and losers based on who can hold their breath the longest. Again, not a great one for drivers… Light headedness could be an issue.

8. Create a Story
Get the creative juices flowing and start a group story. One player begins with ‘Once upon a time…’ the next person then chimes in with the next part such as ‘There were two bears who were very unhappy because’… etc until the story comes to an end. Depending on the effort and ability of those in the car, this could go on for hours or minutes.

9. The Banana Game
If you’re wanting a game which doesn’t require much thought but gives you something to do and concentrate on rather than the dull grey of the road, the Banana Game is the one for you. The aim is to spot as many yellow vehicles (cars, vans, lorries, buses etc) as you can, and as quickly as you can. The first person to spot the vehicle gets 5 points (4 if there are 4 people in the car, 3 if there are 3 people in the car etc) and the last person gets 1 unless they don’t see it at all. Tally the points and at the end of an agreed time period, add it up and you get the winner!

10. Fortunately-Unfortunately
This is a really fantastic game for kids in particular (or pessimistic people) as it gets them thinking of the positive out of negative situations. So, one person says ‘unfortunately’, followed by a bad situation such as ‘unfortunately it’s raining’ (basics) and someone else says for example, ‘unfortunately it’s raining but fortunately, I have wellies so I can jump in puddles.’ This can get as creative and as childish/adult as you like… Let your imagination go wild!

So, if you were stuck on what to do on your long car journey, no matter who you’re with, we hope this has given you some funky ideas to liven up the expedition.