4 Reasons Kid’s Love A Bounce House Party!

Inflatable Bounce Houses are a truly amazing experience for your children and their friends. They can bounce, climb, and use up a lot of what seems like an endless supply of energy!  Safety is key. All bouncers are inspected upon delivery, set up and breakdown, and they typically have inflatable safety rails and posts.

So if your thinking about throwing a bounce house party here in Westchester or any one of the other surrounding towns, here are four reasons children adore bounce houses:

1. Promotes friendship and bonding!

When you decide to rent a bounce house for your child’s party, they can invite a group of friends and will be entertained for hours. We’ve found that very few kids dislike bounce houses. In fact, in our experience, nearly all kids are highly entertained by bounce houses. Your children are sure to have a full house on party day!

Because a lot of of bounce houses are larger than life, they can all accommodate multiple children at a given time. Some might have obstacle courses inside, and your children can compete with their buddies. If one of the group feels the needs to rest, another one can step in. We recommend that children playing in bounce houses here in Westchester and any other surrounding town should have supervision. It also helps to have an adult present to ensure fair amounts of time in the bounce house for each child.

2. Bold Colors and Larger than Life Appearance

Your children can’t get enough of the idea of bouncing around in brightly colored and larger than life houses. A 12 or 15 foot bounce house appears large to us as adults but imagine how big they are to your children. Do you remember as a kid how big your local neighborhood seemed? The same goes for your children. Your kids will be talking about the fun they had with a bounce house for weeks to come.

Each bounce house is manufactured to use the brightest colors and the colors which evoke excitement.

There are even houses that feature their favorite movie or cartoon characters. These bouncers can help bring a child’s favorite characters to life and create a one of a kind experience in your backyard.

3. Physical Activity

You know how parents always say “these days, kids are glued to phones?” Well, renting a bounce house for your party here in Westchester is a GREAT way to get kids off tablets and exert their natural energy to the fullest. Most kid’s have a lot of energy bundled up inside of them. Our bounce houses are the perfect way to release a whole lot of that energy. Not only just for bouncing around inside, kids can play all kinds of games in a bounce house.  Bounce houses are the perfect alternative to get kids from inside playing video games to outside exhausting themselves. By the end of the day rest assured your children will be a ready for a full nights sleep.

4. Being Outside

it seems like more and more kids’s are turning away from spending time outdoors and putting more time on their phones, ipads, or other video console games. So you might wonder, why be outside? Playing in the sun provides kids with vitamin D which is essential to their growth. It also exposes them to fresh air which should be part of their routine to start.  If your thinking of having a bounce house party here in Westchester or Rockland County,  rest assured a bounce house party will give your children a good reason to invite their friends outside and participate in an exhilarating and different activity.

If the summer heat is in full swing, consider adding a water slide to your backyard party. Kids will love the idea of cooling off and your child will no doubt be loved among their peers for providing such a unique and exhilarating experience.

if your thinking about renting a bounce house here in Westchester County, or one of the other surrounding counties contact your experts at Westchester Bounce House Rentals.

How to Teach a Child to Subtract

Having learned ordinal counting to 10, each preschool child can now master simple arithmetic actions. Today, we will explain some activities that will assist in learning subtraction.


Exploring subtraction through bowling… is it possible? Of course! You and your child can organize a competition using bowling pins. For difficult examples, use two sets of bowling pins. Write down how many of them were standing at the beginning how many of them fell? How many remained standing? Can you close your eyes and guess how many should remain? Write the results in the table. Create an amazing tournament game and you’ll watch your child not only learn to subtract, but also master the structure of numbers.

Children education
Unknown number

You will need blank cards for this game. The simplest way to make these is to use a felt-tip pen and scotch tape. Write a subtraction example using big numbers and then write its result on a piece of colored paper. You can use our printables as well! Cover them with scotch or laminate them. Mix the cards and arrange them on a table face down, or mix them in a box. Your child will “blindly” choose an example, and solve it in his mind or by means of improvised objects, toys. Then he will write down the answer. When he is finished, you can check the result which was written down on the backside of the strip. For each correctly solved task, a child scores points. It is possible to complicate a task by using numbers that are higher than ten, but remember, your goal is to properly fix number structures in your child’s memory. Make sure to keep track of time as well. The quicker a child finds the answer, the higher quality are the results of your activity.

Subtraction trainer

The benefit of this training tool is that it is possible to use a large number of objects instead of counters, including plastic animals from a toy farm or a toy from a kinder surprise. It is possible to imagine any improbable adventures this way. Counters can take away alien plates, run away in the wood, get ready for parties, take exams or sing, etc. So, arrange 10 counting-objects in the upper 10 circles. Put the object-receiver in the big round field. Think out fantastic plots and play table theater: “6 princes arrived to a ball (move counters from above in the field of “total”). Three of them went to save the princess. How many princes were left to dance at the ball?” If you print the field on colored paper and laminate it, you can write with a marker on it and then erase what you wrote.

substraction4 substractionOn the color illustration, we assigned fields so that the scheme of the game was clear, but you shouldn’t do it on your game field so as not to remind the child the purpose of your occupation.

substract6 substract5 substract7Thus, games will help your kid imperceptibly, fascinatingly, and quickly master arithmetic. Send us photos of your games!

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