LEGO® Themed Birthday Party with Play Chest

Celebrate your child’s special occasion with a LEGO® themed birthday party with Play Chest, an exciting party service that’s themed around your favourite branded construction blocks.

Play Chest have created an experience that includes all the ingredients to have a magical party. Their party packages include up to a massive 15kg (33 pounds) of LEGO®, invitations, themed tableware, party games, prizes, The LEGO Movie soundtrack, branded high visibility vests for your little builders, certificates and much more. All LEGO® pieces arrive in a handy play pit, easy to uynfold onto any flat surface. Their play pits are a great way to keep all those tiny LEGO® pieces in check and makes cleanup very easy.

Play Chest birthday party packages are suitable for children aged 18 months and over. Their DUPLO® themed birthday package is suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years of age and their LEGO® themed birthday packages are suitable for children aged 5 years and over.

Play Chest pride themselves on providing the highest quality and cleanliness. As soon as LEGO® and DUPLO® is returned it’s sent to their cleaning department to be sanitised and re-packaged ready for the next party. A thorough check is made after every return for any broken or damaged pieces and they are eliminated from further dispatch.

Harry and Lucie Dorrans (husband and wife) launched Play Chest in 2017. After adopting a baby in 2016 they decided to start a business that would be fun for the family. Harry and Lucie have many years experience in children’s entertainment that have helped towards the company and their mission.

“Our mission is to provide a unique, quality and fun toy themed party experience for children and adults alike.” said Lucie Dorrans, Founder and Owner of Play Chest. “We want each birthday boy or girl to have an amazing birthday party that will be the talk of the playground.”

“Your special day is very important to us, it’s our mission to make your party fun! We have put great attention to detail in each of our party packages. We have tested and refined each party package with children and adults for maximum enjoyment, this includes our recommended running order and themed party games.” said Harry Dorrans. “It’s all supported by a team of dedicated and passionate staff with many years of knowledge in children’s entertainment. Spread the word on the rollout of our new party service, and head on over to our website today to book your next party.”

Play Chest birthday packages also include a return delivery service to any UK address provided by DPD. They also provide a time slot on the morning of delivery and collection.

If you have any questions about Play Chest or you have any special requests then contact 01253 462628 or email

Play Chest services are only available in the United Kingdom.

To book, visit:


6 Things To Look Out For When Buying An Electric Scooter

Electric scooters can be a great gift for kids since they can ride it without physically exerting themselves too much. And if you are planning to buy an electric scooter for your kid, but don’t know where to start, then don’t worry. This post details the things you must watch out for when looking to buy an electric scooter.


As far as size is concerned, the most important thing to check is whether the scooter has an optimum size that your kid can easily move around with it. When you go in for a purchase and you notice that your child is having some difficulty in moving the scooter, then you should avoid that model and look for lighter ones. However, you should understand that electric scooters are normally heavier than the non-electric ones.


You will find electric scooters of two types – stand-on and sit-down. The stand-on type is normally the recommended scooter in case your kid has been using manual scooters. This is because the only difference between a manual scooter and the stand-on scooter is that the lighter operates electronically. Now, if you think that having a seat will give your kid a more comfortable riding option, then go for a sit-down scooter. However, do keep in mind that the sit-down version will be heavier than a stand-on scooter.


Another important thing you should look out for is the battery of the scooter. Ensure that the batter has good enough life that it can last for long. The batteries should also be rechargeable pretty quickly. If it takes too much time, then it can become quite a problem when you start using them, especially considering the fact that the batteries will only work for a shorter duration as the time passes. As such, choose a battery that balances the recharge time and the running time to give you the best of both the worlds. Plus, also make sure that the battery is lightweight.


The motor is also an important consideration when buying an electric scooter. The speed delivered by the motor will depend on the weight the scooter is carrying. So, if your child is light weight, then you probably won’t need a high powered motor to get the desired speed.

Starting Mechanism

Some models feature motors that only begin running once the user kicks the lever. And then there are models where the motors run as soon as the rider uses the throttle start. Check with your kid as to which one he prefers.


When checking out speed, have a clear idea of how fast you want the scooter to go. If your child is moving on from a manual scooter to an electric one, then it might be ideal to choose a model with a lesser speed so that they don’t have trouble handling them. For kids who are already experienced with riding an electric scooter, you can go ahead and buy a model that delivers higher speed.

To find out the best electric scooter for your kid, take a look at the electric scooter guide by MyProScooter. Check out their options and you will surely find a model that your kids will love.